Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Double Murder Case In Noida……..The Arushi Murder Case

This is one of the most shocking cases of all time I have heard and seen about. Today is the 27th day since the incident took place and from then till now not a single day been there when people don’t talk about the case. Every body has there own perception towards the case and everyone has an accused with all different motives. All the people around the nation are talking about this news. There is not a single day when one of the national news channels hadn’t broadcasted a show or special report on the case. Some of the news channels have hired private eye’s for this case on their own and some of them have become detectives by themselves.

There’s so much happening after the 15th may case. There is a turn or something new is found everyday by the police, now CBI. With so much of talks going on around I sincerely feel about the family about what they have been going through since last month and if the police is right, that the family is guilty of murder, than what kind of parents are they? God

I really don’t want to talk about what have lead to the incident and what were the motives and don’t want to draw any conclusions, here and neither wants to comment something on.

But the only thing I would like to wish is that the investigation completes soon with the accused guilty person hanged. And also would like to appeal to the news channels to not create unnecessary hype about the case and try to be focused on the true story rather than following to the “bottomline”.

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