Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100 Girls – A Really Good Teen Movie

When I heard and saw the trailers, I thought this movie will be similar to the sex comedies I have seen earlier with just naked gals and bosoms all the way but it was different and good. Yea, it had that adult content so keep the kids away but still it presents with a good perception and attitude towards women. This is one of those teen movies where there is a beautiful metaphor to the movie and story which brings some goods thoughts to the audience not like those non sense sex comedies.

Performances in the movie were as appropriate as the movie demands nothing low and nothing high. The movie had a simple and sweet story and the performances are very close to it. It had some faces I have seen earlier like Jamie Presley in “Poison Ivy 3” and Katherine in “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses”. Other than that the cast was new to me as I haven’t seen any of them before. Jonathan tucker was really good and when ever he delivered his dialogs he looked very eloquent. Emmanualle chirque was also good. I think the best thing about the movie was the whole cast acted very much what character they had in the hand.

7/10 Stars

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