Friday, April 4, 2008

Black And White – Could have been better

Black and white do came up with something not normal on screen these days and really raises some very important issues in the story but when it ends it left me with the feeling of something better could have been done. It may be only my opinion but many of my known ones also thought there was have been something missing at the end.

Anil kapoor is good in the movie, saw him after a long time in a character which you can was written for him. But the stand out performance of the movie was by Shafali Shah. Mainly known for her small and pivotal characters in the movies and you can’t miss her in any one of her movies. Her performance speaks all for her. I was a bit disappointed with the new actor launched in this movie Anurag sinha (don’t know the exact name) but think there could have been better performance and I think that performance in this character was the most important thing.

Other than Shefali Shah ji there were few more good things in the movie like the music and singing by Sukhwinder singh. That shaadi song and “jogi aaya” song were just fabulous. Sukhwinder brings always that folk feeling to me. He is one of the best in the industry with his unique style of singing that bring so much of energy to the songs, just love his singing.

This movie does bring a message and moral to the people and it was good and presented fairly.

I’ll give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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