Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Station Agent – Standing out

This is one of its kind movie that I have seen and was really exciting from the day one when I heard about. Then I searched about and saw some of its trailers which made it more exciting to me. Well I had saw Peter in Penelope before but didn’t knew about his this movie.

Well the movie is about small or dwarf or nanus, which is played by Peter Dinklage. He inherits a house far from the city and moves there after his only family dies. Being a dwarf he always had that paranoid feeling especially cause of the way people of the city treated him that’s why he didn’t had much friends and liked to live alone. But at the new place some people try to know him whom he firstly tries to back off but then became friend with them. This movie is about a small phase of this man’s life.

The movie is beautiful and as I had never seen any story like this before it was extremely good for me.

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