Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Simpson’s movie – Homer Rocks

You won’t find a more feebleminded person on the face of this holy earth than HOMER SIMPOSON and that’s a guarantee. The movie is good or I can say better than good. I haven’t seen “The Simpson’s” on T.V. before and now I regret this. If Homer simpson was always like that then I really regret to miss such a master piece.

There are only good things about this movie, that I can think of. I saw the whole movie and didn’t even blink through the whole movie. It was so exciting and funny. Obviously my favorite character was Mr. Homer Simpson and all the credit goes to the makers for that.

The script, plot, screenplay, dialogs etc………somebody just tell me how can I see more of Homer cause its only his name now I can remember from the movie and that’s cause I liked his character so much.

When he tries to sink through the hole in the movie was my best of the movie and won’t be easy to forget. This movie also has an advantage cause there were not much “good” animated movies made last year.

This movie is a 90 minutes of joy ride with non-stop fun and with a character as stupid and pudden-headed as Homer simpson is obviously you wouldn’t want to miss this one.
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