Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bridget Jones Diary – Nice Weekend Movie

I saw this movie for Renne because I have seen her in “Chicago” and “Cold Mountain” and yea also in “Me, myself and Irene” so wanted to see more of her good movie. My friend suggested me watch this so I did on Friday eve and here’s what I thought??

The movie tries depicts the not so enjoyable life of single woman and afraid of that she’ll be like this all her life and will have to live her life with her 56 cats at the end. So she resolves to be fit and look more beautiful so that she won’t be single on her upcoming 33rd birthday. Surrounded by few weird character like her uncle who always try to grab her b**ty or her mom who is always trying to fix her with someone or her colleague in the office who she finds always looking at her t**s. She is frustrated with this kind of life. Some how she gets the chance to get close to her boss and falls head over heels for him. Also there is another guy who her mother tried to fix her with, who somehow always managed to accidentally meet her almost everywhere she goes.

With some predicable twists and turns in the movie which made it a little less exciting to me. But the movie is good, Renne is really good in the movie. With her strange kind of comic style, which I liked in the movie, the movie is good. Would like to recommend to all the readers. And also if you people don’t know, Renne got an oscar nomination for this movie ……so you can guess that it must be good.
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