Saturday, March 1, 2008

Realty Bites Needed In Indian Movie Industry

Lately I saw many of the movies from Hollywood or other domains of movie making world. The common thing about all these movie were that they all based on some real life characters like “American gangster”, “catch me if you can”, “Remember the titans”, “The great debaters”, “Gia”, “Becoming Jane ” and many other too.

Also with these kind of movies one thing I felt was why we don’t have movies like these based on real life incidents made more often in our Indian film industry? And if somebody says that there have been movies like these then I would like to say those movies were rather based on ideal people like Mahatma Gandhi , Subash Chandra Bose , Bhagat Singh or if the movie is really made on some true stories then the ultimate product or the movie is so different from the reality. There have been a few movie based like “Bawander” can’t remember more which depicts the real misery of the victim lady but the movie didn’t reach the masses and left as something to been shown in Film Festivals.

This present time is the best time for the filmmakers to make movies, which really shows their talent as the multiplex culture gives them the option to try hands with something new and real life characters and achievers is one realm still to be tamed in India.

There should be people who achieve something and are ideals of Indian people other than the freedom fighters.

Really would like to movie exploring this realm and also hope if made will be appreciated by people cause that is also important to support the makers not only the appreciation.

The above statements are only my thoughts, representing me only. If there is any ambiguity with any of the above thoughts then I’m open for discussions.
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