Friday, February 29, 2008

Waisa bhi hota hai part 2 (that also happens part-2)

aahhhh........Have you people ever experienced love?????? have i felt it this time ....i think so. This is the first time i saw a love story from this close in my life. The story does include a guy my big bro but for your disappointment no gals in the story.

The love is between my big bro and his love to his New JOB. If i have disappointed you people till here then please don't read more.

Ok the story goes like this. My bro gave appeared in an interview in the MNC and was so impressed by these really professional people and ambiance created there. Now after sitting and answering these guys for over an hour, he felt that these people and company is exactly what he wanted.

Then when he came back that eve, he told us all about and how badly he wanted to get into this company. My mom was also excited and she prayed for the best to happen and also can't deny the fact that i also wanted to see best things happens to him.

Then what i say love at first sight, my bro didn't even felt sleep the whole night. The excitement and all those expressions that i can't explain in english cause of my restricted vocabulary. I really felt that this is love. i have heard of this feeling though never saw that before that day but even a blind man can easily guess what can be seen in his eyes.

This little story or a segment of a long (hoping to be) story has a little happy ending as he got the job that was only cause of his hard work.

I hope i could evolve to be same,exactly like him.
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