Saturday, February 23, 2008

Barbarism in Bihar (India)

Well Bihar is one state which is always competing to reach the top stop at the crime chart. One of the states where the crime and criminals are growing at faster rate than the law executers. Everything constitutes to the environment in now in Bihar-poverty, corruption, jungle “raaj” rule, unemployment- and many more can follow.

Just saw news where a accused man was beaten to death on road. People beating him with everything they reached and I saw a man in the footage who threw a brick at him atleast 6-7 times in the one minute footage. Whatever crime he committed (he wasn’t a murderer) it was not worth of this kind of punishment. Even the judge thinks 10 times before awarding a capital punishment (death penalty) to somebody but the people in the footage seemed so barbaric that it didn’t even felt that they were human beings.

This is not just in Bihar, the law and order in many states and cities of India are below standard. Even the metropolitan cities of India aren’t safe. There were as many of 3 cases that I heard of on 1st of Jan where girls were molested by mobs.

Just because of low standards of law and order life is not as beautiful as it could have been.

I know all can’t be changed in just one day but a start now can make life better tomorrow. As said by some one don’t really remember the name “A thought of today can be tomorrow’s law”.
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