Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thakre Reunion

Submitted By -- Hitesh Rawat

When the “Raj Thakre” comment on North Indians made public on national T.V, I was watching it with my whole family. My mom asked why suddenly Raj Thakre id doing this. Obviously she didn’t know that this is a tradition and heritage, which he got from Mr. Bala Saheb Thakre. Although I respect Bala saheb as a great leader but this is one of the points where I don’t agree with him and truly it also hurts the nations “unity in diversity” fact which we have learned since we were in school to college or anywhere in the life.

My mom asked again “why???” I told her this is not the first time they are doing this. These kinds of cases are normal to “Mumbhai”(I like to call it Mumbhai), its only the faces that change like not more than a year ago Hema Malini made a comment is I think almost sound similar if not exact. For which she also gave clarification on national TV.

But why is all this happening ???? I ask myself and all my non-politically motivated friends from school, college and my muhallah . Some say Raj Thakre is doing this to be in news so that he can make a name in Maharastra politics. There are also some other weird explanations.

But for me no explanation or argument can judge this act as moral. What if every states asking for same, then no body in this world will tag India with the “largest democracy ”.

And also I would like to ask ………..what is said by Raj thakre is he representing the voice of local Mumbhai people……do they want the same…..??????????????

I would like to apologies if I have hurt someone with my feelings. These are my feelings cause I ‘m just a student and not at a position where I can represent voice of a group. And would like to tell the people who own or positioned at respectful seats in the democracy that they are really talented to be there were I can’t be.
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