Thursday, February 14, 2008

Juno – Better than recent teenager movies

Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

Juno is a better effort than most of the recent teenager movies. Not just an out n out comedy. It also has that motherly love kinda touch to it. But surely better than other senseless movies made in recent past. I see it with good or better than good teenage movies like Superbad released few years back which also deals with some sensitive parts of teenage life not like that American pie movie released which was all about B**Bs and B***y.

You people the character Juno in the movie. Her sarcastic behavior which is normal to teenagers now. But the one thing i liked about the character especially is how maturely she deals with her pregnancy, how she takes everything in her hands and searches down all the options before zeroing down to adoption. This is one thing which surely keeps this movie stand out from the other teen pregnant stories ever told.

Performances in the movie are also justifying to the characters but my favorite was Jennifer Garner in the movie. Her character as desperate woman seeing a chance of lifetime in front of her of adopting a child or becoming a mom which isn’t able to be naturally. There are some funny moments that will make you laugh and also some that will touch you down really low in your heart.

From my side Juno is one of the movies released last year which every one should atleast watch once.
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