Monday, March 17, 2008

Mithya – Ranvir Shorey Is One Of The Best In Industry Today

Its always been interesting to watch Rajat Kapoor on screen with his interesting characters he play. But this time Rajat kapoor has done something different by directing his first movie.
The movie is very entertaining flirting with all the elements of a movie and makes you laugh and cry with in few moments. Mithya boasts of some very talented actors in the cast. Names like Nassirudin shah, need nothing to be explained about and Ranvir Shorey’s friends like Vinay Pathak. It felt like these people are in some mutual deal that you do my movie and I do your, as Rajat Kapoor and Ranvir Shorey played major characters in Vinay Pathak’s directorial debut “Bheja fry”. Other surprise performance in the movie came from Neha Dhupia who surprised me again after her earlier movie “Ek challis ki local train”.

The movie is good, with the basic plot of the movie being good I think it wasn’t that easy to produce it exactly same. The movie revolves around a small junior artist who earns by performing small characters in the movies. One day he accidentally gets involve in a gang war and tries to help police to nail the people involved. But the gang members identifies his resemblance with the Don of the city and their counterpart. They plans to plot him in place of the don. The movie takes a lot of twist and turns making it more interesting and gripping. The movie enters a little serious note after the interval, so people who think this is a comedy are proved wrong. What happens to the junior artist when he enters the gang? And how everything evolves is the story.
This performance by Ranvir shorey can be counted as the best in 2008 till and think will be one of the best of the year. Rajat kapoor’s debut with this movie is excellent. Would like to see more from him.
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