Wednesday, March 19, 2008

India calling

Living and United states aways from home in India is really tough for every indian missing there loved ones at home. The only way of keeping in touch is talking, using a telephone, but with call rates to India from US being high, its not a everyday thing. But now call India without worrying about the bill. Trueroots present India prepaid calling card which is tailor made for Indians living in US. It offers then lowest call rates to India from US. Your wish have come true isn't it?

Trueroots is an international calling service providers with exceptional rates especially woven for India. Trueroots makes it easier for people, living away from home, to stay in touch, especially for friends and family in India. However,it is unlike the competition as the services it offers is unique within the long distance industy.

Trueroots is associated with TATA Group of India which is the India's one of the most respected and largest firm. There service is not just restricted to India but also touches Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other sub continent countries and provide, them too, the lowest fare service.

Trueroots provides advance technology that most competitors do not provide like instant recognition of calling line ID for PIN-less dialing from 5 registered phone numbers, the ability to make up to three follow-on calls without having to redial the access number, speed dial capabilities for 5 frequently dialed numbers, and last number redial.Trueroots will soon be more than just a calling service, as it will launch a media hub.

Enjoy the service.
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