Saturday, March 22, 2008

Along Came Polly

This is also one of Ben steller’s those movie that cannot be classified as bad or very good. I would like to keep in between of them. The movie feels good with touch of comedy and romance in it. Can’t keep it in very good movies because it isn’t that good. But surely a good entertainer. Its not one those brainless comedies.

The movie revolve around Rubin played by Ben whose wife betrays him on their honeymoon and leaves him for another guy saying that she is confused and can’t decide between ben and the other guy. Rubin comes back to job and accidentally meets her classmate from school and falls for her, thinking that his wife Lisa won’t come back. But story takes a twist when Lisa does come back. How Rubin reacts to this situation is what this movie about.

A good entertainment guaranteed.

6 stars out of 10

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