Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why Pay MRP?

The first thing I should tell about me sharing about the following information is that I'm not paid to do it. I'm just happy to share the information and I hope this information helps explore the benefits too.

So, I believe these days you are not counted to be among the smart people if, you are paying MRP for products or services starting from groceries, to booking cab, to paying for a movie etcetera and etcetera. I always try to find some deal on products and services whenever I'm going out to buy or while buying online. To tell you the truth, I'm the worst when it comes to haggling. However, online shopping isn't the place where you have to. But it is also the place where you can get many a deals. When you hear that different people paid for same service or product, its simple that the person who got it cheaper has "googling" skills. Yea, it is a word and I'm standing on its side so that Oxford will recognize it as well.

So next time onward, spend few minutes on the internet. Search for good deals you can get on the service which you are trying to buy in MRP. Even in the worst case scenario, you'll just be loosing a few minutes of the day, however, if you luck strikes, you might get a good discount.

The reason of sharing this information today is because of the experience I had today. Minions the movie is releasing this Friday and I'm all excited to watch it. Plus, my last movie experience was at this IMAX theater which I want to visit again. So, while searching for the deals available on the movie, I found that the IMAX theater was offering a 30% discount, if, I pay through a specific online wallet service. It took me less than 5 minutes to make an account and money to it. And in next 15 minutes, I was able to book movie tickets for the same theater at 30% lesser price than what I had paid the last time round.

So, give it try. It is like one of those Magic 8 balls where it won't just tell you to try your luck again. You also might be able to get some help out of it.
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