Friday, July 10, 2015

We Are (G)Root !!!!! - English Challenge in Ashes

At the start of this decade, the world of cricket saw some promising new corps making a statement on the international stage. However, one of the most promising and consistent performers over the last few years is none other than Joe Root.

Joe Root, like his challengers for being the best rising batsmen around the world, had performed exceptionally with scores around the world. You can point to any country on the map where English team traveled and you'll find Root's stats reflecting his genius. He, now, has become the spine of his national test side similar Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli, who are also made of the same thread. Though, Williamson and Root seems very similar to each other. Both are classical and text book batsman. They play by the book which is what every coach around the world wants their students to learn. But, reason for me mentioning Root today is because of the on going Ashes.

England is hosting the Ashes 2015 and with the recent performance at home against New Zealand, Aussies shouldn't mistake them as any less. English team is going through a transition at this moment. They have moved on from Kevin Pietersen and Joe Root has made that transition as smooth as it possibly could get. I was eagerly waiting for the Ashes to start especially cause English team is playing on their home turf. On the very first day, we saw a gem of an inning from Joe Root. His 134 lead to a total of 430 and Root again stood rock solid against the Aussie fast bowing attack. Even better, he attached the Mitchell's from Australia and scoring fast against them.

I admire the way Root usually approaches his innings. He is always smiling doesn't matter if its Mitchell Johnson - staring down his throat with dread eyes - after delivering a fast bouncer - which goes whispering past his ears. He has shown a different side of temperament. 

Joe is the most exciting player to be participating in this years Ashes, at least for me. Here's hoping for the best and a great and competitive Ashes 2015.

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