Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crossing The Threshold

Yea, it could just be as simple as walking into a room or facing someone. The moral is just to cross the threshold which have been holding you back from doing stuff. Believe you me, the picture is much more beautiful from the other side of the hedge.

People are hesitant of exploring new things, well mostly. Everyone would say that they like taming new territories but not many work towards it. Don't know what they think? Possibly, waiting for some kind of force which would force them to do things, that they should do on their own. Yes, fear is not the easiest emotion to overcome, but when you do, it is THE most satisfying emotion. You know, I mean you people must have tamed some of your fears if not all. Some of you have admitted to your crush, as many don't. You of you may have jumped of a cliff into water or bungee jumping whereas many just watch others do it.

Its all about moving out of your comfort zone. I added two new territories to my list this month and to keep it going. There are many things I can do but it's just the deficiency of determination because of which I keep procrastinating things.

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