Sunday, December 16, 2012

G-Cube Premier League

And the major event of the year, which probably or at least half of us wait eagerly for, is here or actually it has reached half way. We have completed 2 days of entertaining, fun filled, ego clashing and cliffhanging matches and another 2 are left, including the final.

Though, I know many of you may not be interested, but this is for me and I think I want this. So, here a little zest of the tourney till, now. GPL started with three teams – Smashers, Rock ’n’ Rolla and The Avengers, namely. Yea, we watch movies. We - Rock ’n’ Rolla, comprising majorly of players who won the GPL – 2011, started as the favorites and till now have very much lived up to the expectations. Talking of the format, all three teams needs to play two matches against each team, meaning four matches for each team. Leaving all the technical jibber-jabber, the center of interest today is the evenly poised condition of the open tourney as it reaches the last stage of the league matches. Rock ’n’ Rolla with 1-1 win-loss of the two played, Smashers with 1-2 win loss of the three and The Avengers with 2-1 win loss ratio will clash ego of the last day. All kind of permutation and combinations are in for this week till we all actually get to know what happens on this Saturday and the picture will be clear.

So, if you didn't get the seriousness of the game till now, these few will surely make you.

The Battle Ground

Tapan Punetha man behind the pics and one who killed it at the end 

For the complete slide show and pics for the coming days, visit Tapan Punetha or facebook.
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