Sunday, June 12, 2011

X-Men: First Class -------- Grand

Being already missed Kung Fu Panda 2's in theaters, i didn't want to take any risk with X-Men: First Class and went into the theater right on the first day of the release. Although, i hadn't think of it earlier to watch it right on friday, however, it worked out perfectly for me, though i had to run for it and even missed a couple of early minutes of the movie. Any who, i was on time to catch most of it.


I was thrilled to see James McAvoy's name in the cast. I could watch a movie only for this guy. I have seen a few of his movies and loved them all. James is possibly one of the best of actors at present. Other than him, the whole cast was new to me.


There were many a moments in the movie when mouth was wide open and jaw lying on the floor like the moment when Megneto turns the satellite's receiver face or when he lifts the sub marine out of the water and carries it to the coast. You'll know when you'll see those propeller out in the wind and turning right in front of your face. Something tell me that i have already told you about how good the action is in the movie and it is bettered by the brilliant camera work.

But the best part about the movie was the performance delivered by the two leads of the movie - James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Well, it seemed like a competition or healthy competition where both tried to out run each other performance wise, however, both were equally brilliant. James was so real while portraying Charles Xavier and the way he displayed the calmness of Prof. X on screen is one of the high points about the movie.

Michael as Megneto was a surprise to me. May to people, who have seen him earlier, his performance didn't came as a shocker but it so so was for me. This is first Michael Fassbender movie where i recognized him, even though i have seen Inglorious Basterds and 300, however, i didn't where he was in those movies. The scene where Charlers tell him about finding inspiration from the memories between rage and serenity and then Erik turns the satellite receiver face was one of the many scenes of the movie which i'll always remember.

There are other performers who managed to not be over shadowed by James and Michael among whom my two favs are Jennifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique) and Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw).

All in all, the movie is such a refresher and brings back the belief of the audience back in to the X-Men franchise especially after the not so great X3 and X Men Origin - Wolvorine.

Good Things

Everything's good about this movie. If you are a X-Men fan, then, this movie will satisfy your all your urges and then, will leave you to want more. At the end of the movie, the only thing in my head was when will i be able to see the next X-Men movie.

And I just wish that this time, the X-Men franchise sticks with Matthew Vaughn for good and bring peace to the X-Men Fans.

Another thing, i want to do before closing this post is to appreciate a man, and i do wanted to do this since a long time, Stan Lee. The guy who have been the greater force who visualized the character and their powers. He who can easily be called as the father of modern comics.

This movie is a must watch for everyone who have ever seen a mutant movie or read a comic or even heard about it or even if haven't heard about it.


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