Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty to One

It was never easy to write on this topic. I had to brainstorm myself, talk to different people, take lonely walks around the streets in the dark – even a of times I was questioned by the policemen patrolling the area, “kyu neend nai aa rahi?” I just simply nodded to them. I tried listening music, gazing at the sky, reading about it and questioning myself about it, however, the answer was always as confusing as I have always been throughout my life.

What does beauty mean to me? Think you, idiot think. How hard can it be? It just a simple word but you have been so pathetic at this that compared to you other bloggers who have already posted on this topic seems to be working with NASA.

But this, beauty isn’t only a word. I feel it’s more like an emotion or feeling because that’s the only domain where even the smartest of human beings among us haven’t really defined/explained/elaborated word by word.

Beauty being a feeling, for me, gives me the liberty to change the definition of it as much as I can and to whatever I can. Some day, beauty is just a name for m (let’s not dig deep into the name ......... yea, you know I’m talking to you) and another day, it is just physical to me. Some day, the ugliest of feeling is beauty to me and something beautiful can be the ugliest on another day. Some day, it’s an attitude and some day, it’s just style. Some day, it’s just talking and some day, it’s just watching. Some day, it’s with thousands of people and someday, it’s just lying alone under the night sky. Some day, it’s the vast ocean and someday, it’s the drop dripping from a petal. Every body is trying to find a definition while writing it but I wish not to bind it into words.

I’m trying to close this post with a conclusion; however, I’m still as confused as I was when I started writing this. But, but.......i’m still going to end it with one word which comes closest to what I have felt in last 2-3 hours. And the word is ......... *drum rolls* “ATTITUDE”. An attitude has mainly attracted me in a real person and that’s what I’m going to go with as my definition of beauty.

This post is my entry for the Yahoo Real Beauty contest. Beauty is eternal.

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