Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Game Treat

This post brought to you by GameTreat. All opinions are 100% mine.

Games have always been engaging and especially, the virtual ones. It is because of the comfort and high quality of the games that these games are so addictive. There were times when i went to some ones blogs and saw a game as small as snake or Tetris and stayed on the page for hours. While, it was an interesting activity for me but i think i made a lot of good stats for the page which was hosting the game.


Well, now this have become natural to me. Whenever I'm visiting someone blog or website, I automatically start thinking about the stats and money the person behind is generating and then, if the person is doing good, then can I use some of the ideas.


I got a similar idea from another page when i went on to read. I saw the a flash game being embed of the page which can obviously boost your stats. When i searched more, I found about the Game Treat from where you can get games and embed on your page/blog. Now, about the benefits of Game Treat. First, its free. You can host the game on your page without  paying anything. Then, it does improve the stickiness of the visitors to your page/blog. Another feature of the game is sharing the scores on social sites like twitter and facebook which in turn increases the possibility of more users coming in.


Well, this is one of those ideas which being a win win situation for all. You visitors get the the engaging game and the fun and you get better stats which eventually will push your revenue of the site.


Well, I promote this idea and to Get GameTreat Now. It good for everyone and I can't think of a negative thing about it.


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