Thursday, October 7, 2010

Security Check

I always believed that it's better to be fit then being a macho. I have seen and have friends who are like 6'4" feet tall, weighs somewhere in 90's and are into professional body building but i never wanted that. I always felt, it's better to fit. You should have a good stamina. I never tried to be world's strongest man.... though i can't be.... i mean i not cut out for something like that.

I joined gym and had being going regularly until last week, when i moved to a different city. But still, i haven't given up of work out. I still jog everyday and workout so that i don't gain a spare tyre around my belly. I hate it but it is one of the most usual things you'd find in men from my work culture. We, the men in IT industry, sit on a chair, work on the computer and have zero metabolic activities in a day. We have office cabs picking us up from our door steps and then leaves up at our offices door steps. The total workout we do is the effort of lifting our selves and pulling our bodies to the work station and something similar at home too. I wasn't amazed when i found out in a newspaper survey that men from IT industry vulnerable to heart diseases. I always try to include activities in my daily schedule. Other than working out, i always try to avoid elevators and escalators and takes stair instead. It burns a lot of carbs and is very healthy.

Other than being fit, i also support self defense. One should learn the different arts and strategies of self defense like you can learn martial arts or kung fu or any other combat techniques. You can find many useful information on the internet about self defense techniques which are easy accessible and totally worth your time. For you convenience, i linked a particular web portal which gives you a lot of useful information about self defense. Do check it out. 
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