Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter to Future Me (2020)

Hey Future Me,

The first thing I want to start with is that I hope that the life then wouldn’t be as lousy as it is right now.

I haven’t really clearly decided on different kinds of questions like what to do and where to be, but hoping you would have it all cleared up then. Really hope you don’t suck at decision making by now. You have been the most suckiest person when it comes to decision making that I have ever seen in my life. I mean even Yuvraj singh makes better decision when playing towards off side then you. OMG, you suck more than Yuvraj Singh. Congrats on touching the new level of sucking present me.

Okay, moving on. You must still be fan of Ameesha Patel and Drew Barrymore, until and unless, you are married to one, then the first condition is void. Well not going to talk about it much now..... you know why.

And one thing that you have to make sure is to buy a Harley Davidson or if you still can’t afford it then you should surely have the Indian brother for Harley Davidson – Royal Enfield.

You should still be in love with movies. I mean you should have a big, huge mountain of all the favorite movies DVD, unless, somebody invents something better to store data into.

Hoping that you must be multi-lingual by then and don’t have to struggle while talking to people from different parts of Indian or other countries.

You must be friends with all the people with whom i’m right now. This is not optional. I have had great friends and family and you better be not broken up with any one of them.


If humans have perfected time travel by then and you own one of the time machines, then tap me on the head on 21 hrs:10 mins:30 secs on 1st October 2010.

Okay, I waited 3 mins for that tap and it didn’t came so I assume that you don’t have the time machine or may be humans haven’t perfected it till then. Damn it.

Well, these are the things on top of my mind right now. Will keep you posted if anything comes up. Hope to see you soon.
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