Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Official Documents

As a fresher in the corporate world, it was always difficult to do the paper work. I didn't know how the professionals do the official work. It started since the day i started searching the internet to create my first resume. The internet is full of sample resumes but it difficult to the one which fits me the best. After a long search and help from my friends, i did get one sample resume and still use it with slight changes.

But that didn't end their. I mean i didn't look for more sample CV's but when i was about to resign from my last job, i had to search again for a resignation letter. However, now its much easier. I have found a place to find all kind of different resume cover letter such as the driver resume etc.

Now, i don't have to search the whole internet rather i just go the site and search for the samples for the document i need. As simple as that.
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