Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Hey all,
Monsoon has hit Bengaluru and the weather is just awesome nowadays. It rains every evening and sometimes in the day too. There have been days when, we didn't even get to see the sun as the dark clouds covered the sky of Bengaluru. 

Rain is the primary and i believe,probably, the only thing i love about Bengaluru. Being a Delhi-wala, who doesn't get much of rains even in monsoon season, i have always been fond of rains. I used to out of the house and enjoy the rain. I still love to get drenched, though now, i'm surrounded by people who don't like it. Here, none of my friends like to go out in rain. They try not to get wet. I guess that's because here, it rains quite often. But, i still feel the same what a frog would feel in rain.

Well, i can never have enough of rain *Crossed Fingers*.

Road Outside My Place

Road Outside My Place
My Landload's Grandson. He's not allowed to out in rain  :)
Once again, thank you all for being here.
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