Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Renewable Resources

I have always been a great promoter to renewable resources. I hate people wasting things around especially energy like leaving computers on when it is not in use, over using water, wasting electricity etc. These things to make me mad sometimes. That's why it's better to have free resources. I'm out place, here in Bengaluru, we have two types to water heater - One is the one which uses Gas to heat the water and other is Solar. I always use and promote the solar one and anyways Bengaluru is not that cold to use hot water to bathing and anyother chores. I would also love to have some other kind of free energy using resources like utilizing the wind energy.We can use wind turbines to generate electricity. It would be perfect. I mean it may not work in an urban area but wind turbine in rural areas or places where we have large water bodies.

So, if you can't have utilize the renewable or free energy resources then please do not waste the non renewable resources. You may be paying for them....but whatever price you pay is way to less than what it actually can cost in the future.
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