Monday, April 12, 2010

LA Personal Injury Lawyer

This incident dates some couple of years month back. My friend was riding his bike to my home. I was expecting him but he was late, then i got a call from him.....when i picked up...the person on the other side told that your friend has met with an accident couple of blocks from my house. I was shocked.....i ran to the hospital and saw that my friend fractured his left leg. I asked him how did it happen? He told it wasn't his fault, the other guy who called me .....was driving on the wrong lane which caused the accident. Then he told me that guy did apologize and didn't run from the scene and also compensated for all the medical expenses. But then i thought......does this let's him off the hook. I mean my friend could have gone to the Police and filed a case against him for irresponsible driving. But my friend said he had forgiven him cause the accident was not fatal and the guy seemed really sorry for what he did.

But, this isn't the case everytime. I mean many of the people won't even look back at the people they hit by their cars or bikes. They just run away from the scene. I was thinking about it, can we sue these kind of people with irresponsible behavior. Though i didn't find much information but i did find something which was about Accident lawyer Los Angeles. I would really like to have this kind of service available here too.
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