Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smell Of A Woman

Don't you just hate the scents or those too noticeable fragrances????

I had an allergy kind of a thing with them when i was a little kid.....up-till my teens. It would give a headache easily. There was one of our English teacher who use to wear this "you can know who is coming from 10 miles" scent or fragrance, you'd say, which used to make my head heavy as the "rock of Gibraltar". I always thought about it.....what the hell is that smell and why women like it so much that they want to carry them always. I mean do they really smell that bad. I never got to know one i know smell that bad.....or may be they are also using something.

But still, how about coming up with something more subtle. I have seen those advertisements where they show a women entering a party scene and everybody know she is in cause of some genuine brand fragrances she is wearing, but seriously how many of the women out there want this????????????? Well, don't know about women.....but the guys seriously doesn't want this. Men are more fond of subtle things......let's leave men out.....i'm more fond of subtle things and hate those flashy kind of people wearing bright bright too....much bright color clothes......or buying a Orange colored bike or car.

Seriously people.....drop the flashy and bling bling things.
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