Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pankh - Expectations

Hey All,

I don't know how many of you know about Pankh .....but this is a movie to see in the near future. It is releasing on April 4th. I have huge expectations from the movie. It is one of those rare bold movie which tries to challenge the society and their hypocrisy.
Also, it tries to explore the human mind. Human mind is as vast as a sea or the universe. There are countless emotions .......emotions you may haven't experienced yet. Emotions, feeling you may not be even get to feel in your lifetime.

Pankh - Theatrical Promo

What's new in this movie??

Well, same was the question i was asking but when i started searching information about the storyline, i was sadly amazed by the fact that these things has happened in this world earlier.

The Movie is about a young boy, who works in movies as a child actor. But his looks are bit girly and that's why he is mostly casted to play the Girl child in the movies. His mother also promotes this and pushes him cause of the family is poor.The pressure from family and status of the family makes it a sad situtation. This affects the boy's mind, creating gender confusion in his mind. Now, he gets confused about his likings......he thinks is what he does or likes is feminine.

Then, the young boy becomes a teen and wants to be a movie star now. He also has a Imaginary love of his life played by Bipasha Basu, who fights with him, argues with him.

The movie carries on with same confusion......cause i haven't seen the movie.....i don't know any more about the movie.


The cast of the movies is fairly unknown .......unknown as in they may not be known by many people ......but who so ever knows them.....remembers them because of there brilliant work. The cast boasts of Lilette Dubey, Ronit Roy, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Maradona Rebello and Bipasha Basu. Bipasha, is the most known actor i believe in the list, plays the imaginary love of Maradona and also will be seen portraying 9 different characters. Lilette Dubey is a renowned theater actor across India. She has also worked in movies like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Aap Ke Khatir etc. Ronit Roy and Sanjeeda Sheikh are two television personalities....and well known for there respective work.

Real Life Exmaple

This practice is quite common in Indian Movie Industry. Ahsaas Channa is one living example. She is a girl....but have been portraying a boy character in the movies. One of the recent movie she did where she played a boy was "My Friend Ganesha" and "My Friend Ganesha 2". Though about the confusion and all...may not be true here. But, that is an imagination of the director's or writer's mind.

Bold and New Face Of Indian Movies

Though, these kind of movies are less in number, but surely the movie makers are now trying to present something new to the audiences. It not like everyone wants to make romantic movies or action or comedies. The best thing is that.....now a day the audience is also accepting these kind of movies. Though those people may not be large in number but they are there. These kind of movies need to be support more than than ...these kind of director should be supported. So that people .....atleast people like me......can see the something new on the screen and don't have to switch to Hollywood or any other countries movies for a different range of movies.

I really hope this will be a good movie with good narration and everything. I want these movies to work cause this promotes the new age of cinema.
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