Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Take It Easy

This is about a couple of weeks ago when i was sleeping in the morning and the message tone of my mobile wake me up. I checked the message and found one of my friend was under going operation for the "Kidney Stone". Being away from friends and family, i'm not that close to everybody now. I mean the guy didn't even tell me that he'll be going through the operation before the operation. I found that out when the operation was over. Though, i can understand that he must have thought that let's not give tension to him and it's not even a major issue, just a kidney stone. Well, it's about time, i need to be notified of every important thing happening in my group of friends. Kidney stone may not a big threat now a days but still it's is dangerous. People take kidney stone lightly cause it's treatable. But, it's way better to be cautious about something then under going knife. There are many reasons for Kidney stone and kidney stones cause many issues which interrupts you daily life. Be aware of the causes, symptoms,treatment and diet and others thing about Kidney stone.
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