Friday, March 12, 2010

Cholesterol Check

Well, i think there is no other race of people than Indian who don't give a damn about their fitness, let me think.....yea, America is one also.....the number of obese kids and people has exploded. I once saw a documentary, yea, i watch documentaries too, where a guy goes on a "not-fitness diet" to prove his point that how McDonald and KFC are responsible to the new obese America. He went on a diet where he would only eat things bought from McDonald's atleast three times a day or whenever he feels hungry. He also stated that if the person on counter asked him for a large or extra large package of whatever he is taking......he won't deny that. One instance, he took 3 large burgers, a large coke and a large french fries. He was eating it in the car in the parking.....when he puked in the middle of his meal because he couldn't eat the whole thing. It was too much for him and with all that cholesterol and fat that he was eating all of a sudden........that made him sick in less a month.

Well, when talking about India, even i'm worried. Though we are not eating a lot from Mcdonald's or any other simillar places....but we people don't work out. Especially, the IT people.....we just sit and work and don't have any matabolism in a day. So no fat burns and everything just settles as Cholesterol in the veins. I would suggest that to every one to take up the charge to Lower Cholesterol and start working out from today for a better tomorrow
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