Monday, January 4, 2010

I Wish

Hey All,

Today, when i was coming back from office to home, an incident happened which made me wish .......i wish people would never grow old. I wish they all remain kids or toddlers. I wish humans had a life span of 5 years.

I was crossing the road when i saw a car waiting at the traffic signal to go green. There was small girl sitting inside who had a bunch of roses in her hand. Then somehow she managed to drop one outside the window. I saw that. The girl saw me and asked "Uncle, please give me that flower". I picked it up and gave it her. Then she says "Thank You".

Though, this wasn't a big thing but it surely made me smile. I realized how true we were when we were kids. People had no expectations from us which made us enjoy the life as it is. No one to answer. Nothing to care about. For a change, the whole world there to take care of you. Always with your loved ones. No responsibilities. Whatever things gives you tension or stress, nothing was there at that time.

I don't remember how my days as a toddler were. I do have some pics of my childhood. I used to be plump like a potato. Never was like ones who used to easily get along with strangers. There are some memories which my parents or my brother told me about. But will post that later.

Its 12:30 in the nite here in India. Thanks for being here.
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