Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Being Professional

This incident is from my last job. After completing 3 weeks of V&A (Voice & Accent) training and 3 weeks for technical training, we were asked to start OJT ( On Job Training ) which means we were asked to move out of the training class room at get into the real world of working in a call center.

We moved from basement classrooms to the floor were more than 60 analysts were working. First day, our trainer introduced us to the people on floor because they were our support cause we wouldn't have access to the trainer always.

After the introduction, the senior analysts were asked to take and guide one of the new guys with them and let them barge into the calls, so that we can listen them how they work on calls and most important we can get a hang of the American Accent. It's very different from what we hear in the movies. This went on a couple of days, then one day, the trainer asked the us trainee's mentor or senior people to let the trainee or us to handle some of the job or calls.

But most of the mentor or senior members said no to that(What i call Being Professional). The reason they gave was that they didn't want the trainee to take their call or job and because if something goes wrong, then the trainee's won't be responsible. This was a valid reason. I mean they vantage point was also true to the situation. If something gets screwed, then the trainee's can't be held responsible and hence, the mentor or senior member will have to take the beating which will also affect their end of the month report card.

But this was a good time for them to show the confidence in their teaching. I mean for us trainee's, the senior's were our trainer for 3 days and how good or bad we do it reflects how good or bad they were while teaching us? This was my vantage point.

Luckily, my mentor wasn't not against the idea. He had a positive impact on me. I would say that me being a good analyst there was a result of the hard work that guy did with me. After 5 days of OJT, i took on the work and started working and taking calls. While 16 of my batch mates out of 18 were still on OJT. I can say, on floor i was 3 days senior to the guys in my batch.

Thanks to that guy who helped me a lot. Hope someday, i can be someone's mentor like he was to me.

Mentor Name - Rijith Gopinathan

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