Friday, January 29, 2010

ASS - U - ME

ASS - U - ME

This was how my my V&A trainer used to break it. Ok, for the people who are new here, i have worked as an Tech Support Analyst for EDS; though not right now.

So, in the words of my trainer "Assuming is the process where a man(human/person) stops thinking and believes what he/she see's in front of them without verifying it." According to her, this is one mistakes almost everybody does every now and then....and still won't learn.

She told us, if we can control the assuming portion of our thinking.....we can reach the excellence. I don't know if she picked it from some book or some great legend of philosophy, but for me she was the person who said it for the first on the face of the earth.

Though this was something she wanted us(THE Trainee's)  to implement when we were supporting people over the phone, i still find this practice very useful. I'm into development or programming now. I have to program my way into things which are demanded. This process of not assuming any thing and try to verify each thing is pretty useful, though i haven't successfully implemented it in my life.....but there have been some small instances where i found how i become an ASS while ASSuming things.

Why Today?????

I have lots of work to can say...all the back log i had cherished till now has come to me at the same time. I'm exhausted, tired and any other word you want to add in ......please do.

I am not able to make a piece of code bad. So, i took a break and went to read the newspaper where i found an advertisement saying something something and "ARRIVED".......It was an airbus company's advertisement. What i did???? i read "ARRIVED" as "Air Ved" though i knew this word doesn't make sense still i carried on......then i realized and came back to the same find out the real word....and now everything was making sense suddenly.

So this was something which i learned today........may be it won't make a big impact on me being a jerk of that level. But even, if this thing sticks with me for next couple of hours ......i may make that piece of code work.

That's it guys/gals ....for the day. Let me get back to work and you people too if you are in office and reading blogs instead of working.........joking........i love you no matter where you are reading me from. 

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