Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey All,

Have you ever thought of piercing? Some how i got this feeling you may be having atleast a couple of piercing. Well about me, I wanted to get piercing especially after some of my friends got it done. But that was in college. There was one of my friend who got his eyebrow pierced and a silver ring kind of a thing he put in. Then the girls, they are like the first one to do the same. Though not extreme as eyebrows or chins but they go pretty traditional with nose and ear piercings. One girl i knew during college had 6 ear rings. Though it looked good but it felt weird that she went through the needle 6 times and that's tough cause i didn't even done that once. Though i don't regret it but i always feel that it was something i could have done. Putting some body jewellery through the piercing.....yea that looks really cool. Though the best i like is belly button rings specifically on girls...

So me, simple tattoo's or Piercings......but how many do you got???????

Also i missed......i went shopping this Christmas......bought some Tee's and Jeans here's one

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