Monday, December 28, 2009


Last and the first time i went to the beach, i met some tourists who were more like nomads. Roaming around from one country to another and this is not the first time i have seen or heard about these kind of people. You can easily find movies and books referencing people like these. One thing i think about them, when the journey will stop? What are they searching for in this whole wide world and most important with almost no money coming in, how do they manage themselves in foreign countries. First thing they told me how they manage is to never go for hotels....i mean especially when you are looking for a life like them. Go for Cheap Hostels, they cost low with good accommodation......who needs luxury. Luxury is what they have given up. I found it pretty amazing from their side. Though living a life style like that or not....but really cheap hostels are always handy. Even i agree with the fact that wasting money on find a cheap and decent accommodation and spend the money on food.....and other adventurous thing you want to do when you visit a place......
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