Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hey All,

Before i start whining about thing here, first cheers to my brother who turned one more year old yesterday. He is officially now 25. Don't ask me about my age.

Last 10 days or so have been so awful. With literally no friends around here in the new city because my friends have flown back to home for the vacation and i'm rottening here in the strange-land thinking of new ways to kill time.That's when i started watching Grey's Anatomy and have been glued to it. I got a link on Internet where we can watch all America TV sitcom's and believe me there are a lot whom you want to watch. Also would like to mention, i hate reality TV. It's all f-ing scripted.

Sorry to the Entrecard fellow blogger cause i don't see me dropping EC's for sometime. I sometime think that i getting addicted to Entrecard cause there have been days whenever i don't drop EC's, i couldn't concentrate on work or anything on that day till i drop. After being consistently dropping EC since last 4 months i believe, i'm taking a break. I know i may drop some ranking point and many of the people will stop visiting me .....but this is one risk i'm ready to take.

Sorry folks and fellow blogger, my mind is all blocked today..............can't think anything......think have taken a lot today. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for being here.....when i wasn't there.
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