Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Calling All Readers

Hey All,

How many of you are into reading?

Well, i don't like reading that doesn't mean i can't read ..... it means that i don't prefer reading book. Though i have heard people saying books are very addictive. Even i tried reading book. The one and only book, i have read in my like of 22 years is "The Alchemist ". It's a fiction or Novel as many people say. It took me more than 15 days to complete the whole book cause i was just reading it and not enjoying it. The book had only 190 pages. Where as one of friend completed the Dan Brown's Book called "Digital Fortress" in two days. He said that he was not able to sleep in the night because of the book and that's when he decided to that he couldn't take it anymore and went on read and complete the book next day in straight 5 hours. Now that's a lot of reading to do for me atleast. The extent by which i used to hate reading book was that......that i always felt happy to complete my textbook in time atleast.

I prefer movies over books. I like to watch movies based on movies rather reading the whole book. People say that movies are a pathetic version of book. Don't ask me, cause i never read the book and really can't compare both of them. But as much as i'm addicted to movies, my friend is addicted to reading book more than that.

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