Monday, December 7, 2009

Golf In Germany

Hey All,

I have always been a great fan of sports. They are the best way to keep fit. Plus, you enjoy it. Then, above that fun and fitness ..... you get paid for it. I love to watch all different kind of games you can start with Cricket to soccer, golf, Lawn Tennis, Ice Hockey etc.  I can count more than 25 of them which i like to watch.

Golf is one of my fav cause it need precision and patience to be the best of the this game.  A lot precision and patience. Tough, Golf isn't such a big event in India but it's a famous all around the world. Tiger Wood is the name which represents Golf around the world. Yea, even after the cheating issues with wife. I doubt that will much of his image as a player.

So, talking about golf. There's this Golf course which i read in the news paper today. They got this good nice golf shop. The page is in German language, so would like to suggest Google translator for that. I did use it to read the real content. Check the golfshop which is a delight for a golf person. You can find all different kind of latest clubs availble in the world. They got the best. People are starting playing Golf in early age like 10-12.........earlier people only used to enter professional golf only when they thought of their retirement but its whole different story. They got the best facilities for Platzreife.
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