Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pee In The Pant Moment

Hi all,

Today, when i was in the bus coming to my office, i heard about this contest on Radio where they where doing this contest. The contest theme was "Pee In The Pant Moment".

Although i didn't called them and participated, but still i thought what was i my "Pee In The Pant Moment". Then, i went deep into my heart and started rewinding things.

Then, i found one moment. This is from my college days. Me and a couple of my friends were playing Table Tennis in the gym. The college gym was inside the boys hostel. After sometime, the guys who lived in the hostel came and asked us to leave and let them play. But we didn't want to leave the game in between and we didn't afraid of them. So after some loud argument, it became a fight. And, soon one of those five guys pulled a iron rod out of somewhere, and that was my "Pee In The Pant Moment". I was stunned, standing there like a mannequin. I was so afraid at that moment thinking what will happen if that guy hits me with that rod. Although, i didn't really pee in my pants........but that was something......which could have made me do it.

What happened after that? Thank god, one of my friend was not out of his senses and he kicked that guy and took the rod from him and threw it away and saved me. I really thank my friends who were there.

After that incident, we three people were like so popular in the college. Everybody knew as the people who beat the hostelers in the was like killing a Lion inside its own den. They all must have thought that we were really brave to do that......but they didn't knew the real "Pee In The Pant Moment".

Note :-
Ok, here's the catch. Tell me your Pee in the pant moment and if i'll like it.......then the winner will get 1000 EC from me. So, let's do it. The Contest is here for a of couple days. Till 28, Oct.
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