Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Link From My Blog

Hi all,

I have enrolled as a member to Link From Blog so that i can buy blog links. Why i joined in? cause i think this site will take my blog to many more people. The reach of my blog will increase. I read about this site from another fellow blogger and then i also contact that fellow blogger about the worth of enrolling here.

The person gave some really good comments about this site and that lead me to join it. Last 2-3 months, i have been pretty active as far as my blog and blogging is concerned. Dropping entrecards here and there and following my favorite blogs...............to pull more and more people to my blog. However, pulling people to any blog is not easy. I started as a new bee in the Entrecard community then after less than 3 months, i have made it to the top 15 blogs of my category "Personal Dairy" which consists of more than 3200 blogs.

Entrecard is getting me good traffic, however after sometime i got know that its limiting. It limits your traffic.......so i started looking for other option. During which i encountered this web page.

Hope they will help me reach masses........\,,,/

Note :- They have a sign up bonus too. How many have that huhhhh???????

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