Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali

Hey everybody, its Diwali today. One of India's most celebrated festivals. The day has different significance for different religions in India. Everybody and every religion India celebrates Diwali for different reasons. What are the reasons? you must be thinking about that.........and want me to explain............but no i won't do that..........cause i have somebody really especial who talk the talk about Diwali on behalf of me.

Presenting Mr. Barack Obama . In case, you don't know him. He is president of America or United States of America and also recently won the Nobel prize for peace. No more please listen to him.

My plans for Diwali

Well, since i'm born, 1987, today is the first Diwali i'm not celebrating with family. I'm away from my family and friends. Well, i actually i have some friends here also but nonetheless, i'm not so glad to not make to my home city for the festival.

I've bought tickets to a amazing match between Delhi DareDevils V/S Banglore Royal Chalangers and another one between Cape Cobra's and Victorian BushRangers. I'm expecting it to be a great match and my favorite team is playing The Delhi DareDevils. They represent my home town team.

Then what other things we do, Hindu's, on Diwali. Its a festivals of getting everyone together for me other than the real significance. When i used to be at home, i would go out and give sweets(mithai) to all my neighbour's and by all i mean all, atleast 15-20 of them. Then, we also give out sweets to all the relatives me can reach and obviously we aren't the only one doing this, whole of India does this. That's why these days there's a lots of sweetness in the air.

We also light up Diya's,"lamps" you may call them. This is to kill the darkness in the night signifiying removing darkness acorss the world. We also bust crackers, a lot of crackers. But this year, i'm not buying crackers because i believe there will be a lot of fireworks in the Stadium during the matches.

I know not many of my readers are from India, but still i would like to tell, if you people know any Indian's around, go celebrate this festival with them because you'll enjoy it too. For foodie's, go to Indian resturants to find exclusive Diwali sweets.
DO POST whatever you did for Diwali. I'll also post the pics from the match.
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