Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You


This is the first time i'm thanking my visitors from ENTRECARD . The people who may not read me but do help other read it.... :)

Also want to wish a Happy ONEM.

1 - Work At Home(19)

Description According to the Author - High PR Dofollow Link Building Services, Increase Page Rank, Increase SERP Ranking, SEO, Online Money Making, Domain, Hosting, Dofollow Blog.

My Take - I like the theme of the page. Also nicely publicized blog.

2 - Ungkutan(19)

Description According to the Author - Ungkutan aims to bring Filipinos anywhere in the world into a single community where they can meet friends and do anything. They can buy and sell things, discuss any topic they want, find jobs, catch up on the latest news, etc.

My Take - This blog is very popular. I think he/she is the dropping freak i have seen the pages badge on atleast 10 pages for the highest dropper.

3- Atenean 101(18)

Description According to the Author - A personal blog which includes articles and other write-ups that I have personally written and edited which accounts all my random thoughts about all things that interests and concerns me. Basically it's just about everything under the sun...

My Take - One of the pages i visit usually. I liked the posts.

4- EastCoastLife(18)

Description According to the Author - Turned away, threatened, silenced.... a woman's determination to save her only son and expose the dark side of the civil service!! I drop cards EVERYDAY and only to those who drop back. If you want to exchange daily drops, leave a message. Blog awards winner. Good traffic to my blog.

My Take - She got such a different variety of posts.......and best....she post such nice personal posts......i'm one of her frequest visitor's.

5- Losing It -Getting Fit(17)

Description According to the Author - Losing It - Getting Fit: Advertise and Be Seen - Entrecard Widget Is Above The Fold!

My Take - This page gives you information......and that too good information. Read it.

6- Blogger Corner(17)

Description According to the Author - Blogger Corner is a record of the hottest gossips, controversies, news & current events around the world plus a personal diary of its author.

My Take - I like the entertaining information the page gives.........i'm frequent here.

7- Jean Squared(17)

Description According to the Author - Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever…

My Take - Very well designed page.........lots of visitors...obviously the content is good.

8- Daisy The Curly Cat(17)

Description According to the Author - A photo-journal from Daisy, the Devon Rex cat. She's a good cat, but she's not always a nice cat! Visit daily to see her zany antics and adventures

My Take - No need to tell about Daisy......think she is the most famous cat on web or the world

9 - My Musing and Stuff(17)

Description According to the Author - Sharon's personal blog about whatever I chose to write about whether it be my kids, a new product, politics, movies, music etc. Anything!

My Take - She has this strange theme...which i didn't understand.....pink skull.......hmmm....but i like the blog.....frequent visitor.

10- Allotments4you(16)

Description According to the Author - Allotments 4 you. A family friendly blog. Grow your own Vegetables and plants. Get hints and tips from myself and other readers!!

My Take - This is different.....she writes about these farming things.....i like the different content of the page.


1- C'est La Vie (Maximum Clicks by advertising)

This is my blog! It's the chronicles of a single mother who's balancing parenting and being a full-time college student with aspirations to become a nurse.

2- Bits and Pieces (Second most clicks by advertising)

A blog of my daily life as a mother and wife and my life here in the USA

My Fav Blog.....

Mama Flo's Blog

Don't know why..........but i like reading her......i haven't seen anything new on her blog.....for about some........want to saying.................waiting.....waiting.......\,,,/
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