Monday, August 31, 2009

One's starting with S

Hi All,

Today, monday, the day where you have to pick up what you left on friday evening. The day where you have to break out of the holiday jinx and get into the work mode.

I want to get holidays for everyday weekday starting with S like Saturday, Sunday, Sonday, Suesday, Sednesday, Shursday and Sriday......... \,,,/

Some good things about today. This day will go into history because today Indian Football or Soccer Team won the Nehru Cup beating Syria in penalty shootout 1-1(5-4). This is Indian Team third international tounament straight. Indian Team stands at 156 rite now in world ranking.....hope this will improve a bit.

Another thing, its Richard Gere birthday........although i haven't seen much of his movies that's cause he isn't from my decade. But i respect the guy for his work towards the poop people and against AIDS. He visits India very frequently for his work.

Its also raining outside rite now. I love rain........when i moved to this city rain was one of the main reasons to move here. It rains more often here.

Soo, monday is over.......I'm going off.........its 11:oo PM and need to be up by 8:oo AM............i like sleeping...... yea. :)
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