Thursday, August 27, 2009

Movies You Should Watch

Hey everybody,

Today, i'm just laying out some movies which i think you may haven't seen because of these movies being in different languages but nonetheless.......these are awesome movies with some thing different to offer you. All filled with great performances by the cast....and every aspect seems to be so perfect here.

So here we go.....

1 - The Sex Movie

Yea, as the name suggest...its is related to sex but i say its more related to sexuality. I meant sexual orientation of people. This a story of four friend - two guys and two gals - with differnet sexualities. One guy is straight, second is gay and one girl is bi-sexual while second is lebian. The story is about a night when they decide to get back and sit togther cause they haven't spent some quality time with each other. And on this nite, they get into this discussion of who's sexuality is better and why? How they are the way the world should be?

Really interesting stroy and please listen carefully what they say......the dailogs are the best part of this movie. Hands down to all the performers too.

2 - Trade

This movie has different languages like german, polish, english and may be others too. This movie is about a guy whose sister is kidnapped by people who sell young girls to rich people for money.
How the guy saves his sister from being forced into this dirty business? Awesome movie, look out for the guy, he is a talent.
One scene which is my fav when the polish lady jumps of the cliff of the mountain...... and her last word were to the guy who kiddnapped her "i'll make sure you pay for it" and then she jumps......that was an awesome really tears you apart.

3 - After Sex

Another awesome movie. Well you can say it is a collection of small short stroies. Its like you buy a book of short stroies. Ok, the movie is not about sex again .....well ....yea it is. Ok, this is about what different people talk about after they are done with "it". There are lots of different situations guy with her sex buddy who don't love her but she never takes her seriously, to lesbian friends , to gay friends...where when one encourages other to come out of closet,
another where a gay pair argues who is the BUTCH and who's the BITCH in the pair cause both are very manly, then there is this old pair who have done a lot of different things in there younger years.....and says what will happen if their kids know it and also about one nite stands.

Its an awesome movie with good stories....surely this will surprise you.

4 - Persepolis

This is an animated movie langage....English, German and Persian.. This is the story about a girl who lived in Iran at the time when Taliban was taking over....telling how beautiful and liberated the country was earlier and what changes have been made in that period of time. This is a funny take on the enviornment then. The girl is a rebel which she learns from her grandfather. Many things you will know about that time. Great movie.

5 - Children Of Heaven
This is a persian movie and based on the book. I think the few movie i have mentioned in the list this is the most famous movie but people skip it cause its not in their language. Please watch it if you haven't seen it till now.

This is about a brother and sister relationship. where the brother looses his shoes somewhere....but mature enough to understand that the family can't afford a new pair rite now. So, the kids decide they will not tell their parent about it and will exchange the sister's pair to school because of the different timing of school, it helped.

The movie is really moving and i think this movie have been remade in many languages. I have heard one Indian director is also making in Hindi.

Watch This.

6 - Dev D
Watch Dev D, this is based on the movies "Devdas" which were based on the book "Devdas". This is a mordern take on the book. Its not easy to explain whole history behind this DEVDAS character.

The story is about a guy ,devdas, who is in love with a gal since his childhood. When he returns from London after his grad, they meet again and hit it off well. But cause of some misunderstanding ....they break up and gal marries another guy. This depresses Devdas....and he starts taking ....alchol and drugs...and bemoes a drugie......and then starts visiting prostitues...well actually only one prostitue......who falls in love with the story unviels ahead....Will he get his love back.....??? or the prostitues get her love....???

Awesome performances by the cast.

7 - Ba Bo
This is a Korean movie and one of the most recent one's in the list. This movie is about a retard brother whose parent die and now he is left with his small daughter and have to take care of her. Cut to the younger year.......where he owns a small shop....just outside his sister's school....his sister hates him cause he is retard and embarrasses her in fornt of people. Also the retard guy love a girl.....and he has a friend. So there is lot to watch in this movie. This movie is full of emotions......if you are a girl then watch for this movie cause it can get you a lot of tears.......

Watch the person in the lead role......he is so convincing in the movie. Hats of to the movie and all the cast and crew.
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