Thursday, August 27, 2009

Move On

Last few months have been very dynamic for me personally. These all started and is centered at my new job. I had to leave my earlier job , then had to leave my family, city, friends and state to move to a new state. Yea, it is move to a new city and to find new people but i'm still new to the city and still feel lonely. Think the hangover of the histroy i had, will last more than i expected.

Leaving the histroy, future is here. This is a nice city...........i have my issues.....but this is a nice place.I'll give it the time required and well, i'm very patient, so i can give is more than that. This is a good city to move in. I don't know if it is me or something else.....but the feeling that the language i speak isn't the language of this city freaks me out. I mean yea this city is also the part of same country but India is so diverse.......we have, i think, 15 national laguages......which also are scripted........i mean that can be written too......and many are left out because they didn't have any script, they are just spoken. So different language is a problem to me atleast, don't know how other live with it.

Also last few days, i'm getting these move on......don't keep fixating to my history. I mean....i just finished......FRIENDS all seaons.......and it also gives you message that everybody will not be there forever. Also i saw ICE AGE, which also kind of starts with the "MOVE ON" word, when Diego thinks of leaving the herd. Think i have a lot to learn here.

Leave that.......will be writting further how everything is going.
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