Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garden city of India -- Bengaluru

Its not been much time in this city, yea Garden city of India -- Bengaluru. Just three months...... and the time here have been fantastic till now. Bengaluru is one of those places of India were you will diversity in almost everything - food, people, culture, community, religion, landscape and i can't put everything cause can't remember everything rite now.

Being so special city of India, it hasn't lost it charm. Bengaluru have always been known for the Gardens, have retained charisma. Bengaluru is the IT hub of India and can easily boast of as the most oppertunity providing city to the technical gurus. People are not only coming from different parts of the country but also from other country.

But today its about what hasn't been changed since last few decades. The gardens, don't if its the administration or the people who have done some really great work. Cheers to all the people who are and have been responsible for this effort. Some of the pictures ahead.

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