Monday, July 14, 2008

Grace Is Gone -- Moving

John cusack is one of my few favorite actors in Hollywood. I have seen about 2-3 movies of him before watching this. When I heard about this one and read about it, it really excited me.

The story shows the grief of a man who has lost his wife in the gulf war and has no idea how to convey this sad news to his two little daughters – Heidi (14 yrs) and Dawn (8 yrs). John has performed really good in the movie as some to all the people involved. The two girls in the movie felt so convincing. They understood the character very well that why, I think, they were so eloquent while playing the character.

Can’t really comment on the technicalities about movies cause I’m not a professional or a learner. I write what I feel about the movie and I fell really good about this movie.

8/10 stars

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