Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Cable Guy – Freaky

The really felt like some freak show. Jim carry as obviously was really good. Playing that obsessed cable guy, he really scared me and the leading character in the movie too. This character Chip, aka cable guy aka Ric and many different names, some times hit me like Joker from the Batman series.

The movie is really good. The movie takes you to funny to hilarious to obsession to etc. The story is about the guy Steve who shifts to a new apartment when he and his GF decide to take a break from their relationship to access it all over again. Here, Steve meets the “cable guy” who a lonely guy with a lonely childhood and doesn’t have many or, may be, any friend. Steve is the only one who is some what with him. Then the story evolves as Jim character starts stalking Steve. How it affects Steve’s life is all the movie about.

This movie is an entertainer with superb performance by Jim with that lisp problem.

7/10 Stars

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