Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Star – So-So Movie But Over All Entertaining

Superstar is a directorial debut but its is a very well treated script and also a credible performance by the actors in the movie especially Kunal Khemu. It almost felt like he took the whole movie on his shoulders.

Kunal playing double role one as a struggler trying to make it big on the dream screen and also a middle class guy and at other hand the other character is a millionaire’s son with no talent but gets launched as the biggest star cause his father being the producer. The struggler kunal’s fate changes cause his dream of being a star are shattered cause someone else has entered the industry with similar face and now he is just a mere duplicate. But in an accident, involving both the similar looking people, one of them gets killed and then how this accident changes the life of all and who survives the accident the struggler or the star……..

The music of the movie is good but wasn’t successful but I personally liked a couple of the songs in the movie.

The movie is good if not extraordinary but can give a try to it.

5/10 stars.

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